What we give back


Our boxes are super eco-friendly. We used a minimum of cardboard, trimmed down the weight and put in a system that allows you make maximum use of the space inside.




Planting trees

We make a positive climate contribution through our sustainable forestry projects.

For every 10.000 boxes we make, we plant 77 trees. And we take over those trees for 30 years too. Well, not us personally to be honest, but Land Life Company. This way we turn deserts into forests, regenerating biodiversity in the area.

 Easy to recycle

Good news: our boxes are made of recycled materials. Even better news: they are in turn 100 % recyclable as wel. All of our boxes are FSC-certified.

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How we keep improving ourselves
Together with Zeropackaging, we’re always looking for new ways of reducing packaging materials to an absolute minimum without compromising on quality and looks. And we don’t stop at packaging: we rethink the whole process too.
For the construction of our sustainable packaging, we use recycled or biodegradable materials. We use specially developed software to make a detailed analysis of energy consumption, material selection and processes in order to reduce emissions.
Even though our packaging is as carbon neutral as possible, it’s still not 100% carbon neutral. We compensate for the amount of emission that ’s left, by planting trees in areas where it will help the local community.

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